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Retrospective medical bill negotiating is a delicate balance.

Overly aggressive tactics can create a negative relationship with the physician. Using historical data to create an automated rate application creates results that aren’t guaranteed. Focusing too heavily on turn-around time doesn’t allow for maximizing savings opportunities.
At the end of the day, all parties need to experience value in a negotiated transaction. This is only accomplished with a quality negotiation staff, clinical auditing, readily available funds for payment, an efficient workflow, and collaborative relationships with physicians.


Deep Discounts

We are delivering 2x industry average discount below MBR allowance.


Higher Success

A healthy respect & collaborative approach with the physician community.


100% Sign Off

We secure a signed agreement on 100% of negotiated bills.


Effective & Reliable

A proven method for maximizing medical savings across any insurance coverage type.

Average Discount

Success Rate

Turn Around SLA

Sign Off Achieved

S1 Medical is an advocate to making negotiations a more meaningful solution within an organization’s cost containment program. Today, on average, 95% of medical is ran through a traditional PPO network. We challenge our customers to compare their multi-state average PPO Network metrics to the S1 Medical Negotiations metrics. Based on our result capability, plus our essentially non-existent provider pushback, we’re challenging the market to move more of their medical spend to negotiations.

Clinical Auditing

Nurse and Physician resources as part of the process. Provides another layer of value & leverage.

Expert Negotiators

Team approach. Cultivate individual styles. Learn from each other’s approach. 8 years avg. experience.

Physician Communication

An informed provider is a cooperative provider. Cooperation & willingness result in savings that stick.

Funding Availability

Prompt payment is key. S1 offers programs that are designed to have payment funding readily available.

Efficient Workflow

We can accommodate all workflow types. Having best-in-class technology resources allows for fast & automated.

The difference is service first.

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