Medical Bill Review

A Modern Solution

Submitting medical bills to initiate the medical bill review process. The workflow can easily include all the elements of a comprehensive bill processing program.

Access to a complete & total listing of all national, regional, and specialty network solutions... through one source.

The in-depth review performed by a medical professional to ensure accurate clinical utilization & billing practices.

Achieving a mutually agreed upon reduction on a bill by bill basis, always supported with a physician sign-off agreement.

Mailroom Services

If in-take, sorting, and indexing of medical bills is a burden, we're prepared to act as your outsources mailroom for medical bills.

Custom Handling Rules

Don't let your quirky client requests of your special internal instructions stop you. We've seen it all.

Easy to Use Portal

If a paperless environment and/or gaining workflow efficiency is of interest, then let us demo our portal for you.

Personal Service

Friendly & Prompt Customer Service. Designated account management and & open lines of communication.

Maximized Savings

Access to all levels of review measures available. "No stone unturned."

E-Payment Solutions

There are excellent options available for paying providers timely, and without the administrative burden and costs of traditional check cutting.

The difference is service first.

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