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Prescription Management Programs can be overwhelming. Multiple involved parties, various moving program parts, ever changing priorities, all while ensuring a healthy injured worker. S1 is focused on delivering simplicity and sophistication. An S1 pharmacy benefit management client achieves minimal disruption, ease of use, all while feeling confident that their prescription spend is being managed with the greatest level of scrutiny.


PBM measured described in the sales process are irrelevant unless there is follow through. This program focuses on reliable execution.


Remove the conflict of interest that exists between PBM & DUR. This program delegates roles and manages niche strengths.


Don't think about the basics. We've got that covered. Metrics like network coverage, generic usage, savings %'s, etc. will be guaranteed.


The transition of claims sets the tone for this Rx program. Review history, plan ahead, & perform plenty of outreach. We handle with care.

The difference is service first.

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