Why we're different


Success will be accomplished if we commit to the belief that a business's top priotrities can be non monetary. We will relentlessly pursue the delivery of an ideal user experience to our customers, while focusing on the creation of a place for our staff to thrive, and always considering the social/environment effects within the communities we do business.


Create a Culture of Service for Our Partners, Our Communities, and Ourselves.


Listen first. Always understand the need. Tailor the solution.


Sustain a fulfilling environment through the promotion of autonomy & shared vision.


Use business as a vessel for spreading good.

BMORE Program

Key performance indicators measure "good." 80% mission fulfillment

S1 Medical's goal in 2018 was to ensure that its clients, employees, suppliers & partners are all aware and agree that S1 is fulfilling its mission statement. Based on the 2018 Company Stakeholder Survey results, 80% of respondants agree that S1 Medical is staying true to its mission and core values. Below are an additional set of metrics we measured ourselves against in 2018.


Minimum of 5% of company profits allocated to charity


Minimum dollars invested into employee wellness programs

Gift Giving

Minimum % of company gifting used on charitable suppliers

Cradles to Crayons

Minimum number of children aided via company participation

Service Time

Minimum % of total payroll hours used for philanthropy volunteering

EE Satisfaction

Minimum goal satisfaction rating based on EE survey

The difference is service first.

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